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With Dubai winning the Expo 2020, it is expected to create more than 275,000 jobs across the region in the next six years to service Dubai Expo 2020. The UAE job market is certainly experiencing a better time than many others worldwide. Demand for talented professionals is consistent and rising with improved economy prospects for the coming years. The government is also doing its best to attract new talent from foreign shores while simultaneously creating more opportunities for the local population.A large share of jobs in gulf is located in UAE and Dubai to be specific. As per reports, Multinational companies having their operating offices in UAE will be the ones driving the momentum of recruitment. These companies will be the biggest employer followed by the local construction, tourism & hospitality industry. The job prospects for local population will be better than usual and Emiratis having good English skills along with educational qualifications in business management, commerce and engineering can expect to have bright future prospect.
CIH is suitably poised to address the requirements of our clients for their junior, middle, senior and top management positions across Banking, Finance, Retail, Hospitality, Telecom, Marketing and Advertisement in the Middle East. We will access good talent from GCC countries, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Europe, Americas, Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.
CIH also has the capability to provide additional HR Services to emerging corporates in areas of Compensation & Benefits, Reward and recognition, Performance management policies etc on a consultancy basis.

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